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Advanced Risk Management + Enterprise Risk Management

All session times are in Eastern Daylight Saving Time (EDT)

Day 1


From Foodies to Picky Eaters: Exploring Risk Appetite

Each nonprofit team has a unique position on risk-taking: what is considered an acceptable and appropriate level of risk-taking in order to move a nonprofit’s mission forward. Join this session to explore the concept of risk appetite and how your team can define what constitutes appropriate risk-taking for you. Many ERM professionals believe that a carefully considered risk appetite framework…


The Executive Chef: Designing Risk Workshops for an Executive or Senior Management Team

Take your Risk Champion craft to new heights in this session by preparing to pitch Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) concepts and deliver advanced risk training to your nonprofit’s leadership team. Hear from experienced nonprofit risk professionals who have effectively engaged their executive leadership as ERM partners. Learn what language to use to connect with leaders—focusing on how ERM can contribute…


Lip-smacking Leftovers: Reviving a Rusty Risk Management Program

Sometimes risk management programming becomes stale, loses steam, or simply doesn’t click with culture or cultivate competency as desired. Instead of throwing away your leftovers, join this session to explore how to turn leftovers into risk results worth celebrating. Learn how to revive your nonprofit’s risk management program while identifying and leveraging any mouthwatering morsels leftover from your last attempt….


Kitchen Fires: How to Create and Sustain an Effective Critical Incident Process

Experienced risk professionals know that an effective incident reporting process requires a sound recipe as well as implementation finesse. While the process may begin when someone fills out a form to make a report, it’s far from over when it lands in the inbox of the incident follow-up team. Attend this workshop to learn how to sort through the key…


Choose Your Own Cooking Adventure: Risk Frameworks and Decision Trees

This fun, fast-paced session takes attendees on a tour of risk frameworks and decision trees created by the Nonprofit Risk Management Center team (your 2022 Risk Summit hosts) for high-profile nonprofit consulting clients. Leave this session inspired by an array of options for approaching risk decisions, assessing risks, or assigning risk management accountability across your organization.


Hell’s Kitchen: Overcoming Resistance and Obstacles as a Risk Professional

Risk leaders sometimes face Gordon Ramsay-style reactions to risk management practices, ideas, and conversations. Attend this session to advance your abilities as a coolheaded connoisseur of risk remedies—even when your nonprofit’s kitchen gets very hot! During this workshop, attendees hear about actual scenarios risk professionals have faced when trying to build buy-in and get their jobs done. Join this session…


Molecular Gastronomy: Tales of ERM Experimentation and Transformation

Molecular gastronomy aims to generate new knowledge of the chemical and physical transformations that occur during various cooking processes. Some risk professionals might describe Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) in a similar way—as pushing the boundaries of how risk management practices might work, and what value they can deliver to an organization. Attend this succulent session to learn from nonprofit ERM…