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Insurance Fundamentals

All session times are in Eastern Daylight Saving Time (EDT)

Day 1


Beneath the Toque Blanche: Insurance Industry Unveiled

Ever since Disney/Pixar’s inspiring Ratatouille, you never know what little chef lies beneath the toque blanche, or chef’s hat. Nonprofit leaders might sense the same mystery when it comes to the insurance industry. If you’ve been reluctant to learn more because you either don’t have the time or fear being overwhelmed, this kick-off session is for you! Join NRMC to…


Deconstructing Delicious Dishes: An Insurance User’s Guide

Have you been tasked with managing your nonprofit’s insurance program or assessing whether an insurance policy provides adequate coverage for your organization’s exposures? The first step to transferring risk through insurance is developing a clear understanding of how insurance policies work. Attend this workshop to learn about the anatomy and components of insurance policies, how to read and interpret policy…


Viral Vittles: Industry Innovations and Delectable Disruptions

Do you ever spend time salivating over viral food trends on social media? Look no further than this workshop to get your foodie fix! Join this session to hear from respected leaders of insurance carriers as they anticipate industry trends and give you an inside scoop on disruptions shaping the industry’s future. Explore how insurance leaders are pioneering possibilities and…


Connect with Your Celebrity Chef: Leveraging Your Insurance Broker and Agent Allies

Popular cooking TV shows enable rising stars to connect with celebrity chefs as partners and mentors. Of course, each celebrity chef has unique expertise, expectations, and style… much like the incredible array of insurance industry partners available to nonprofit teams. Attend this panel workshop featuring sets of speakers who are perfectly partnered pairs: a nonprofit risk leader with their insurance…


Cyber Insurance Cookbook: Recipes for Comprehensive Coverage

Like complex cookbook recipes, the ever-changing environment of cyber threats and evolving cyber insurance can confuse even the most discerning nonprofit leaders. Boost your ability to decipher cyber coverage components by attending this session. Explore the insuring agreements that protect nonprofit policyholders from various cyber risks, distinguish between first-party versus third-party cyber liability risks, and learn to “speak cyber” sufficiently…


Bake at 350: Brokers in the Hot Seat

Bring your burning questions to this Q&A-style panel session featuring three experienced brokers who devoted their careers to serving nonprofit sector clients. Turn up the heat and put these brokers on the spot with the questions you always wanted to ask, like: What are the most common insurance “gotchas” and what must I do to avoid them? I’m making an…


Enticing Scents in the Spice Set: Making Your Nonprofit Stand Out to Insurance Carriers

Nonprofit missions often invite special risks, interactions with vulnerable populations, and significant scrutiny from external stakeholders with understandably high ethics expectations. Attend this workshop to keep your nonprofit smelling savory—not sour—to insurance carriers. Learn how to make your nonprofit an attractive risk to carriers when shopping for coverage or renewing a long-standing policy. Whether improving your insurance applications in terms…


Mise en Place: Proactively Improving Your Insurance Program with NRMC Insights and Services

Productive chefs chop out complacency by proactively preparing their ingredients and equipment, and by practicing and perfecting their processes before cooking for a crowd. Nonprofit teams must embrace the same spirit of proactive improvement to optimize their insurance programs. The Nonprofit Risk Management Center (NRMC)—your Risk Summit host—offers insurance consulting services to nonprofit clients, including insurance coverage reviews and broker…