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Bake at 350: Brokers in the Hot Seat


Bring your burning questions to this Q&A-style panel session featuring three experienced brokers who devoted their careers to serving nonprofit sector clients. Turn up the heat and put these brokers on the spot with the questions you always wanted to ask, like:

  • What are the most common insurance “gotchas” and what must I do to avoid them?
  • I’m making an insurance presentation to my board next month. What are a couple of things about our insurance portfolio that our board probably doesn’t know, but should?
  • I understand that insurance broker commissions vary by coverage, by carrier, and by status with a carrier. Can you help me unwrap the mystery ingredients of broker compensation and tell me whether a broker’s compensation usually higher with an incumbent carrier than with a prospect carrier for my account?
  • Last year our broker indicated they took our program to market, but then recommended that we stay with the same carriers. The chair of my audit committee mentioned that some insurance brokers aren’t very ethical and instead of submitting applications, simply ask carriers to decline to quote. What does it really mean to take an insurance program to market?
  • What tips would you offer to help me get the most from my insurance shopping experience?