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Honestly Dishonest: Why Honest People Steal


Good people make bad choices and bad people make good choices. Using behavioral economics (think Dan Ariely and Richard Thaler), neuroscience, anecdotes and real life examples, the speaker for this workshop will explain how ‘tone at the top’ and leader behaviors affect the perceptions and behaviors of staff in a dynamic, mission-driven organization.

This is not your regular, boring ethics presentation. Nonprofit leaders work hard to hire competent, dedicated staff and work equally hard to pay competitive wages and offer generous benefits packages. Why would someone you thought was a great match for your mission steal from that mission? Human behavior is incredibly complex and we can never know all the motivations behind bad behavior. Most nonprofit executives don’t have degrees in psychology, sociology, or criminology. This presentation will inspire you to look at fraud risk differently and change your ideas of how honest people behave and why they might rob your mission of needed financial resources and assets.